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The Recon Pannier Bag Solar Charger takes back country exploration to the next level. This pannier bag charger allows you to charge a battery while riding, or when parked you can extend the side solar panels to achieve even greater solar charging power. Charge your bike main battery or a spare, as well as your phone, tablet, etc. Plus you can still utilize all the space inside the pannier bags for gear storage. Patent Pending.


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This rack will carry 2 RECON Power Bikes. Includes extra heavy duty wheel holders for heavy load carrying capacity. This hitch rack folds up when not in use, tilts down for easy cargo access and includes a keyed alike locking hitch pin, security cable and locking frame hooks. Features patented No Wobble-No Tools Hitch Tightening System. Adjustable base for tires. For 2″ receivers only


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The Recon single wheel trailer with rear rack is a great addition to any ebike. The single wheel fat tire design makes it track seamlessly with the bike making it ideal for off road adventures. The trailer weight capacity is 100 lbs. and has a rear suspension to help with varying terrain. Cargo capacity is approximately 31″x 19″ x 10.5″. Quick disconnects makes it easy to attach and remove from the bike.


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RECON Power Bikes is proud to offer our Recon 25 Liter Cooler that is designed to keep all of its contents cool for hours.

  • External Dimensions 56.6cm x 36 x 37.5

  • Internal Dimensions 40.5cm x 20.2 x 27.5

  • Made with a continuous thick wall with minimal imperfections. 

  • Made to withstand rough terrain, bumps, and bruises

  • This Recon 25 Liter Cooler is the perfect ebike accessory. After all, on those long weekend trips, you need something to keep your lunch and drinks cool. Engineered to last a lifetime, these coolers for ebikes are easy to clean, a good size to hold food and drinks for your entire family, and look good. High-quality and built to last, this motorized mountain bike cooler comes ready to hit the road!

  • Fits perfectly inside the Recon Stealth Trailer.

  • Available in tan color only.

  • $178.80

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    RECON Power Bikes offers our Recon Folding Solar Charger, which is capable of charging your ebike battery, cell phone, cameras, and more.

  • Features a 130 Watt (40 cells in series), 1.9 amp folding solar panel

  • Folds up (20.8″x 11.4″) conveniently to fit in a pannier bag or backpack.

  • Unfolded size is (58.2″ x 20.8″)

  • With this Recon Folding Solar Charger, you can harness the sun’s power to charge just about any of your batteries or devices. This ebike accessory is great for remote expeditions or hunting trips and is simply invaluable for your next off-grid adventure. Have fun exploring your world while still being connected.

  • Fast Shipping

  • Weighs 5.7 lbs

  • $358.80

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    The Recon Cargo Master dual wheel trailer is capable of cargo loads up to 220 lbs. The dual wheel suspension will help you get those heavy duty loads over rough terrain. We only recommend this trailer be pulled with the Ranger which has a high torque 1,000 watt mid-drive motor. This trailer has a quick disconnect to the rear hub axle and independent suspension. It has adjustable positioning to lay flat or fold at an angle based on your cargo. Whether it is taking your gear out camping in the back country or recovering a trophy buck, the Recon Cargo Master can make quick work of it.


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    RECON Power Bikes offers our Recon Rear Light GPS Tracker for precision location of your ebike.

  • Features a hidden GPS inside of the rear light.

  • Track the location of your ebike on your phone, tablet, computer, or nearly any internet connected device.

  • Offers real time tracking

  • Prevent thieves from stealing your electric bike with this ebike accessory that offers geo-fencing, a vibration alarm signal, and route history. In addition, this electric mountain bike accessory is a waterproof rear LED light, so you get two features in one. The software is downloadable and free, but do note that a sim card is required. You can use this software on any electronic device, including PCs, iPads, Android, and Apple.

  • Fast Shipping

  • Free Tracking Platform

  • $118.80

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    The RECON Firearms & Bow Holder mounts on the back rack. The adjustable mounting brackets allows the holder to be mounted in many different positions on the bike. The Velcro strap attachments can be adjusted to fit many different firearm and bow sizes.

    Aluminum Alloy 6061

    Lightweight attachment to any RECON bike rack


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    Use Charger while the battery is on the bike, or you can remove the battery and charge outside of the bike.



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    Samsung Lithium Ion hot swappable battery with lock and key. Choose size and model from the drop down menu.

    If you need additional mileage and want to go further, an extra battery fits in our back rack bag. The battery can quickly be swapped out to extend your journey.

    $478.80 – $598.80

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    The Recon Rear Brake Light is a multi functional rear light with an integrated accelerometer to detect a decrease in velocity and indicate braking. It also has several other modes including; fast strobe, low strobe, and Cob LED. Twenty plus hour run time with auto shut off, auto shut off in daylight, low battery indicator, and USB rechargeable 400mAH 3.7 volt battery. Full CNC chassis and completely water proof. 


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    Rack Bag secures to any RECON back bike rack. Great for storing gear, phone, water bottle, keys, etc. An extra battery will fit in this bag. Comes with water proof cover.


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    Use the Saddle Bags to store extra gear for your adventure.

    600 Denier black waterproof oxford fabric

    44cm x 44cm x 32cm

    Fasten to bike over the back wheel rack


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